Plastilon by River Plast

Our high-quality Plastilon vinyl ester pipes and pipe solutions are created for the needs of the process industry. Plastilon products are designed to withstand in highly corrosive chemical environments. These products are typically used in the environments where acids, caustics, salt solution and bleaching chemicals shorten the life cycle of traditional pipes dramatically.

Vinyl ester GRP has proved to carry superior corrosion resistance properties in the most demanding chemical environments. It is thus progressively replacing competing solutions in these conditions.


Plastilon joint systems

Bell and Spigot Jointing Systems

Plastilon Bell and Spigot jointing system offers a reliable solution to the problems related to jointing corrosion resistant composite pipes. This jointing system combines both pressure and corrosion resistance, and it can be quickly and easily installed. The system is available in diameters DN 25-400 and in pressure ratings PN 10-16.

Butt and Strap Laminated Joint

The traditional Butt and Strap Laminated Joint is designed for large diameter pipes, hand laminated pipes and locations where other systems cannot be utilized. Pipes and fittings are available in diameters DN 15-2000 and in pressure ratings up to PN 25.


Superior resistance against abrasion

GRP offers many advantages over conventional materials, such as rubber lined steel. These advantages include:

  • light weight, lighter structure, easier handling
  • ease of assembly and adjustment on site
  • easy repairing at field
  • absence of maintenance both on the inner and outer surfaces of the pipework
  • integrated liner and structure
  • space saving as flanges are only required for assembly to vessels, pumps and valves
  • pipes can be placed closer together; installed in smaller volumes, which can be highly significant in retro fitting an existing unit
  • proven chemical and abrasion resistance in continuous service over a long period of time

River Plast Plastilon käyttökohteet

  • River Plast product range

    • Vinyl ester pipes and fittings DN 15-2000
    • Abrasion resistance pipe systems DN 15-2000
    • Abrasion resistance spray headers DN 15-2000
    • Gas ducts, smoke stacks and chimneys up to DN 5000
  • Chemical Industry

    • acid solutions
    • alkali solutions
    • salt solutions
    • waste water treatment
    • pollution control
    • raw water
    • demineralized water
    • gas lines
    • ducts
  • Pulp and Paper Mills

    • bleaching plants
    • ventilation ducts
    • water treatment
    • raw water
  • Power Plants

    • cooling water (raw, brackish and sea water)
    • flue gas desuphurization
    • scrubbers
    • lime stone flurry pipes and spray headers
    • filtration lines
    • dip pipes
    • air sparge pipes
  • Fertilizer Plants

    • acid solutions
    • water treatment
    • pollution control
    • slurry lines
  • Metallurgy

    • ZN, Cu, Co, Ni electrolysis
    • SO2 gas ducts
    • waste water treatment
    • etching and plating solutions
  • Offshore Oil Production

    • cooling water
    • product water
    • oil skimming
    • soil drain system
    • water purification
    • oil separation
    • sewage
    • rain water
    • fire fighting systems
  • Onboard Ships

    • bilge water
    • ballast water
    • chemicals (for chemical tankers)
    • fire fighting
  • Oil and Petrochemical Plants

    • water treatment
    • fire fighting systems
    • sewage systems
  • Desalinization Plants

    • sea water
    • steam condensate
  • Chlorine Plants

    • brine solutions
    • electrolytic feeds
    • moist chlorine gas from electrolytic cells
  • Elements

    We manufacture high-quality reinforced plastic elements for car industry. Our product range covers fiberglass-topped, polyurethane-insulated doors, separating walls and hatches.

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